Tuesday, October 11, 1994

Israel suspends all negotiations with PLO after Hamas announces it is holding an IDF soldier hostage. Hamas says it will kill the soldier 10/14 if 200 Palestinian prisoners--inc. Shaykh Ahmad Yasin, Shaykh Salah Shehadeh, Shaykh `Abd al-Karim Obeid, Mustafa al-Dirani--are not released. PM Rabin calls emergency cabinet mtg., suspends transfer of aid fr. donor countries, seals Gaza, says he holds Arafat responsible. Arafat condemns abduction, calls mtg. of PSF. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/12; AFP, ITV, JP, Al-Quds radio 10/11, MENA, VOP , QY 10/12 in FBIS 10/12; CSM 10/13; HA 10/14 in FBIS 10/14)

Jordanian, Palestinian officials conclude talks in Amman, announce broad agmts. on trade, customs, banking, civil aviation; agree to draw up position papers on Awqaf, refugees. (JT 10/12 in FBIS 10/12; JTV 10/12 in FBIS 10/13)

U.S. FM Christopher meets with Syrian Pres. al-Asad, says both Syria, Israel have made significant movements towards peace, says he has been pleased al-Asad has taken U.S. advice and made public gestures showing he is serious. (SARR 10/11 in FBIS 10/11; WP 10/12)

FM Christopher leaves Syria for Amman, meets with King Hussein, Crown Prince Hassan to discuss U.S.-Jordanian relations, peace talks, Iraqi maneuvers. (JTV 10/11 in FBIS 10/12, MM 10/12)

PM Rabin confirms that rifles used in Hamas attack 10/10 were AK47's belonging to the Palestinian police. (NYT 10/12)

The Nobel committee decides to award the Nobel Peace Prize to PLO chmn. Arafat, Israeli PM Rabin. (MM 10/11; NYT, WT 10/12; CSM, WJW 10/13; MM 10/14)

U.S. Commerce Sec. Ron Brown holds mtg. with mbrs. of Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC) delegation of Palestinian businessmen on 5-day visit to seek American funding for projects in West Bank, Gaza. (WT 10/12; JP 10/15)

Iraqi retreat is detected by U.S. intelligence. Pres. Clinton says it is too early to reach conclusions on Saddam Hussein's action, U.S. will continue reinforcement of the Gulf, may press for enlarging demilitarized zone along Kuwaiti border. (NYT, WP, WT 10/12)

IDF, SLA continue shelling southern Lebanon, "deport" 26 Kufr Hunah villagers fr. self-declared security zone. Lebanese FM Buwayz asks UN to act. (RL 10/11 in FBIS 10/12; MM 10/12)