Wednesday, October 12, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin, FM Peres meet Jordan's King Hussein in Amman to "show that terror attacks will not stop peace from coming." Progress noted on land, water issues. (MM 10/12; NYT 10/13; QY, RJ 10/13 in FBIS 10/13)

Jordan, Israel conclude mtg. in Eilat, agree to link electricity grids btwn. the 2 countries, make no progress on border demarcation. (QY 10/13 in FBIS 10/13; RJ 10/13 in FBIS 10/14)

Palestinian police raid homes across Gaza in search of kidnapped IDF soldier, arrest 200-300 Hamas mbrs. plus 4 journalists who obtained videotape of the soldier. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 10/14; AFP, QY 10/13 in FBIS 10/14)

SLA permits villagers evicted fr. Kufr Hunah to return. (RL 10/12 in FBIS 10/13)