Wednesday, April 5, 1995

Pres. Mubarak meets with Pres. Clinton, assures him Egypt will not lobby against U.S. efforts to renew NPT but still wants assurances fr. Israel. Clinton promises to push for nuclear-free Middle East after Israel makes peace with all its neighbors.  (WP 4/5; MENA, RE 4/5 in FBIS 4/6; CSM, NYT 4/6; MM 4/7; RE 4/7, 4/8 in FBIS 4/10; MEI 4/14)

Jordan's King Hussein meets with UN Secy. Gen. Butros Ghali, permanent UNSC mbrs. in New York, discusses NPT, peace process. Butros Ghali praises Jordan's role in negotiations. (JTV 4/5 in FBIS 4/6)

Raji Sourani is fired fr. Gaza Center for Rights and Law after he fails to comply with PA requests to stop criticizing Arafat. (MM 4/5; JP 4/5 in FBIS 4/5; WP 4/11; JP 4/17) (see 2/17)

PA arrests 5 mbrs of its intelligence service for 4/1 killing of prisoner accused of informing for Israel. (NYT 4/6)

PA arrests al-Nahar journalist Tahir al-Nunu after he publishes article suggesting 4/2 explosion could have been carried out by Israel, supported by PA. Also arrests 6 Hamas mbrs. in connection with explosion. (QY 4/5 in FBIS 4/6; CSM 4/6; al-Nahar 4/6 in FBIS 4/7; NYT 4/7)

PA arrests 10 Hamas mbrs. in connection with 4/2 bombing. (AFP, QY 4/5 in FBIS 4/5)

Israel launches 1st spy satellite to monitor Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria. Syria condemns launch, says talks will suffer as a result. (QY 4/5 in FBIS 4/5; QY 4/5 in FBIS 4/6; MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/6; JP 4/8; RMC 4/10 in FBIS 4/10; JP 4/15; JP 4/22; MM 4/28)