Thursday, April 6, 1995

Jordan's 1st amb. to Israel, Marwan Muasher, arrives in Tel Aviv to assume his duties. Israel's 1st Jordan, Shimon Shamir, arrives in Amman to take his post. (MM, WT 4/6; RJ, JT 4/6 in FBIS 4/6; JP 4/15; WJW 4/20)

U.S. envoy Ross arrives in Israel for brief shuttle btwn. Israel, Syria; meets with PM Rabin, military Chief of Staff Shahak, senior IDF officials to discuss security arrangements within framework of agmt. with Syria. Israelis present demand for 1:9 geographical ratio for demilitarized zones. Ross will transmit Israeli suggestions, concerns to Syria 4/7. (MM 4/6; IDF Radio 4/7 in FBIS 4/7; MA 4/7 in FBIS 4/10)

Israeli, Egyptian FMs meet in Paris to try to solve NPT conflict . Egypt says it is willing to sign a ban on chemical weapons in exchange but no final compromise is reached. Sides agree to continue discussions within Multilateral Working Group on Arms Control, upgrade working group talks to FM level. (WP 4/5; CSM 4/6; MBC, MENA 4/6 in FBIS 4/7; HA 4/19 in FBIS 4/20)

Israeli Housing M Binyamin Ben-Eliezer says he will present plan to ministerial comm. for additional 5,600 homes beyond Green Line, incl. 1,300 units in Matityahu settlement, 3,000 units in Ma'ale Adumim, finishing work on 800 units in Giva'at Ze'ev. (MM 4/7; QY 4/6, JP 4/7 in FBIS 4/7)

Arafat decides to replace editorial board of Jericho-based al-Aqsa newspaper with journalists who are Fatah mbrs. Decision is criticized as interference with freedom of press. (ITV 4/6 in FBIS 4/7)

Congressional hearings open on Clinton's Omnibus Counterterrorism Bill to speed deportation of illegal immigrants suspected of terrorism, prohibit fundraising for organizations the pres. deems dangerous, grant FBI broader authority to investigate, order wiretaps. Arab-American, Muslim groups protest bill, fearing it will be used to discriminate against them, curb legitimate fundraising. (WP 4/7)

Bomb explodes on Gaza border as IDF foot patrol passes, wounding 1 soldier. No one claims responsibility. (JP 4/6 in FBIS 4/7; NYT 4/7)