Saturday, April 22, 1995

PA Planning M Shaath says PA-Israeli Joint Liaison Comm. talks on expanding self-rule, scheduled for 4/30, are postponed until 5/8; gives no reason for delay. (AFP 4/22 in FBIS 4/24)

Islamic Jihad offers to end attacks against Israeli targets in Gaza, Jericho until 7/1, if PA releases mbrs. in prison, cancels prison terms imposed by military court, Israel promises not to carry out actions against Gaza. PM Rabin rejects deal unless all attacks are halted. (ITV 4/22, MENA, QY 4/23, AFP 4/24 in FBIS 4/24; CSM, MM 4/24; WT 4/25; WJW 4/27)

Following weekend of talks with PA, DFLP spokesman Ahmad Hamad announces group has decided to end all operations against Israel; expects DFLP detainees to be released, 1 DFLP office to be reopened, new paper al-Jamahir to publish as result. (QY 4/22, AFP, QY 4/24 in FBIS 4/24)

2 Hamas mbrs. are sentenced to 7 and 4 yrs respectively in PA closed military court. 15 mbrs. are released. (QY 4/22 in FBIS 4/24; NYT 4/24)