Wednesday, August 16, 1995

PA cabinet approves draft interim agmt. with Israel. (CSM 8/17; JP 8/26) (see 8/11)

In Gaza, Egypt-Israel-Jordan-PA technical comm. on refugees opens 2-day mtg. on 1967 displaced persons. (HA 8/16 in FBIS 8/16; QY 8/16 in FBIS 8/17)

In Damascus, PLO's Faruq al-Qaddumi begins 3 days of mtgs. with Syrian officials (incl. FM Faruq al-Shara`), Palestinian opposition leaders fr. DFLP (Nayif Hawatmeh), Fatah (Hani al-Hassan), Hamas (Abu-Muhammad Mustafa), PFLP (George Habash), PFLP-GC, Saiqa; briefs them on his blueprint for political change, discusses rejuvenating the PLO, rallying the PA's opposition in light of the 8/11 agmt. (SARR 8/16 in FBIS 8/17; MM 8/17; Al-Hayat 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; MM 8/18 Al-Hayat 8/18, 8/20 in FBIS 8/25; MM 8/22)

Swedish Dep. FM Mona Sahlin postpones return visit to Israel after Israel again refuses her request to meet with Palestinians in Orient House. (JP 8/26; WT 8/30) (see 5/15)

IDF solider is court-martialed, jailed for refusing to evict Jewish settlers fr. illegal West Bank camp. (QY 8/16 in FBIS 8/16)

Israeli Atty. Gen. Mikhael Ben-Ya'ir approves regulation giving responsibility for security inside settlements to Israeli police only, leaving IDF to handle security around settlements and intervene inside only in emergencies. (MA 8/16 in FBIS 8/16) (see 8/6)

Special Israeli ministerial comm. (led by PM Yitzhak Rabin, Police M Moshe Shahal) overrides the orders of Atty. Gen. Ben-Ya'ir, Justice M David Liba'i, extends Shin Bet's authority to use physical force on Palestinian suspects during interrogation for 2 mos. (HA 8/16 in FBIS 8/17; NYT 8/17; JP 8/19, 8/26)

2 Israeli historians announce findings that Israeli troops carried out several mass killings in the Sinai in 1967 in which about 1,000 Egyptian prisoners were killed. (WP, WT 8/18; WP, WT 8/19; NYT, WT 8/21; JP 8/26)

In Gaza, PA arrests 4 Hamas mbrs on charge of plotting an attack inside Israel. IDF extends closure of o.t. begun 8/9 to 8/18. (QY 8/16, IDF Radio 8/17 in FBIS 8/17; MA 8/18 in IL 8/18)