Saturday, February 4, 1995

Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian delegations begin mtgs. in Cairo to discuss 1967 refugees, ways of securing right of return, seek to coordinate positions before mtg. with Israel at end of mo. Egypt, Jordan agree to provide PA with any statistics, information they have, call on international community to do the same. (MENA, RE 2/4, RJ 2/5 in FBIS 2/6; JTV 2/6 in FBIS 2/7)

Amman Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Jericho sign trade agmt. to encourage economic integration of, investment and development btwn. Palestinians, Jordan. (PETRA 2/4 in FBIS 2/8)

Israel's FM Peres, Dep. FM Beilin meet with Omani FM Yusuf Bin `Alawi in Aqaba; agree to open interests offices, discuss water issue. (JTV, RJ 2/4, QY 2/5 in FBIS 2/6; JP 2/11)

IDF bans Palestinians fr. leaving Jericho, incl. students enrolled in universities and institutes. PA protests. (VOP 2/4 in FBIS 2/6)

Israel's Islamic Movement leader, Shaykh `Abdallah Nimr Darweish, announces his group will mobilize supporters for the next election, may form ticket. The group--a legal party with unofficial ties to Hamas--previously boycotted Israeli elections. (MM 2/6)

Acting on tips fr. IDF, PSF captures 3 Palestinians allegedly planning to explode car bomb nr. Allenby Bridge. Israeli officials praise Arafat for preventing attack. (ITV 2/4 in FBIS 2/6; WT 2/6; JP 2/11)

FM Peres says that direct vote for Israeli PM, slated for next elections, should be postponed until current government has had at least 1 more term in office. (QY 2/4 in FBIS 2/6)