Sunday, February 5, 1995

King Hussein hosts 29-mbr. Knesset delegation in Amman, briefs it on peace process, treaty implementation. Mbrs. of delegation dine with 30 mbrs. of parliament. (al-Aswaq, JTV 2/5, JT 2/6 in FBIS 2/6; MM 2/ 6; JTV 2/6 in FBIS 2/7)

Jordanian-Israeli aviation comm. meets. Israel accepts some Jordanian demands related to air corridors, routes; Royal Jordanian, El Al agree on joint tourist packages. (JT 2/5 in FBIS 2/6; MM 2/6; JP 2/7 in FBIS 2/8)

Israel cabinet extends closure of West Bank, Gaza, imposed 1/22; says only teachers, doctors, Palestinian agricultural goods can enter. PA, U.S. Commerce Secy. Ron Brown, in Israel on 4-day official visit to discuss Israeli-U.S. trade, criticize decision. (CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 2/6; VOP 2/6 in FBIS 2/6; QY 2/5 in FBIS 2/7; WJW 2/9)

At cabinet meeting, Israeli Environment M Sarid, Education M Amnon Rubinstein suggest making closure of Gaza, West Bank permanent, compensating Palestinians $330 m. annually for lost income. No vote is taken. (MM, WT 2/6)