Tuesday, January 24, 1995

PM Rabin suggests building security fence to separate Gaza, West Bank fr. Israel, to prevent attacks fr. the territories; does not state exact location of fence. (ITV 1/23, QY 1/24 in FBIS 1/24; IDF Radio, ITV 1/24, QY 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; NYT, WP, WT 1/25; CSM 1/27; MEI 2/3)

Jordan says it will not allow Jordanian Palestinians to hold dual citizenship, carry Palestinian passport until Arab League removes ban on dual Arab nationality. (JT 1/25 in FBIS 1/27)

Jordan-Israel talks on aviation are adjourned amid disagreements. Israel refuses to allow low-level Jordanian flights over Israeli territory, says it would interfere with air force training flights. (ITV 1/24 in FBIS 1/26)

Syria asks U.S. to pressure Israel to sign NPT. (WT 1/25)

Clinton freezes U.S. assets of 12 groups, 18 individuals to prevent funding of "terrorist" organizations, groups opposed to peace process; says he will seek wider powers to use wiretaps, deportation to curb terrorism. (MM, NYT, WP 1/25; QPAR, QY, RMC 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; MM, NYT, WJW 1/26; MM 2/1; MEI 2/3; MM 2/8; MEI 2/17)

Outgoing head of Israeli General Security Services (GSS) gives last report to Knesset Defense Comm., says Israel has arrested 1,500 Palestinians since Tel Aviv bus bombing 10/19. (MM 1/25) (see 11/28)

IDF raids mosques, offices in several West Bank towns, arresting 60 Palestinians as mbrs. of Islamist groups. (QY 1/24 in FBIS 1/24; NYT 1/25)

Mufti of Egypt Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi says recent Israeli FMin. report leaked to press 1/13 shows normalization is not now possible, Muslims should prepare to defend themselves against Israel. (al-Sha`ab 1/24 in FBIS 1/31, FBIS 2/6)