Wednesday, January 25, 1995

Arafat arrives in Amman for talks Palestinian-Jordanian relations with King Hussein. (JTV, RJ 1/25 in FBIS 1/26)

PM Rabin's new settlement construction review comm. approves plan to build more than 3,000 units, sell around 1,000 for 20,000 new settlers in 3 settlements surrounding Jerusalem. Housing M Ben-Eliezer says decision strengthens Israel's claim to Jerusalem. PA warns Rabin is jeopardizing talks. (QY 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 1/26; QY 1/26 in FBIS 1/26; JP 1/28; WP 1/31; MEI 2/3)

Settlers complain Rabin, his comm. did not approve construction of 2,700 of the units submitted for review. Finance M Avaraham Shohat, a comm. mbr., defends Rabin, saying current government has far outpaced the Likud's rate settlement expansion fr. 1979-92. (NYT, WP, WT 1/26)

Syrian VP Khaddam meets with delegation fr. 7 Jordanian opposition parties to discuss formation of united Arab front. (SARR 1/25, 1/26, SATV 1/26, SARR 1/27 in FBIS 1/31)

Arafat, PM Rabin each welcome Clinton's freeze on assets to prevent terrorism. (QY 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; IDF Radio 1/25 in FBIS 1/26)

Islamic Jihad, DFLP, PFLP, Hizballah each issue statement criticizing Clinton's freeze on U.S. assets, saying freeze is meaningless since they have no U.S. holdings. (MM 1/25; VOL 1/25 in FBIS 1/31; WP 1/26) (see 1/24)

UNRWA announces it has received $20 m. donation fr. Saudi Arabia for infrastructure, job creation in Gaza, plus $7.5 m. for Palestinian policemen's salaries (to be paid through UNRWA). (UNRWA News 1/25)

U.S. says it is unhappy with Egypt's threat to withdraw fr. NPT; says it will not pressure Israel to sign NPT; reprimands Egypt for signing "anti-Israeli" communiqué that followed fr. mtg. with King Fahd, Pres. al-Asad 12/29. (WP 1/26)

Palestinian police say they have arrested 20 mbrs. of Islamic Jihad, incl. the group's chief idealogue, Abdallah al-Shami; IDF says it has arrested over 100 Palestinians in West Bank on charges of inciting anti-Israel fervor since bombing 1/22. (NYT 1/26)

IDF, SLA air and ground forces attack Hizballah north of self-declared security zone. Hizballah unit ambushes IDF patrol, killing 1, wounding 1. IDF kills 3 attackers, strafes Hizballah positions. Hizballah shells IDF, SLA positions in return. IDF puts forces in northern Israel on high alert. (RL 1/25 in FBIS 1/25; VOL 1/25 in FBIS 1/27; MM, WP 1/26; MEI 2/17)