Wednesday, July 19, 1995

In Alexandria, Arafat, Pres. Mubarak, FM Peres discuss transfer of authority negotiations; agree to divide accord on 2d stage of DOP into 2 agmts: 1st dealing with points of accord (to precede elections), 2d with differences (to be discussed later). (MM, WT 7/19; RE, VOP 7/19 in FBIS 7/19; ITV, MENA, QY, VOP 7/19, JP, QY 7/20 in FBIS 7/20; MM 7/20; HA 7/20 in FBIS 7/21; al-Quds 7/20 in FBIS 7/25; PR 7/28)

One day after PA prohibits coverage of "security issues," Al-Quds cancels series of articles on how Palestinian informers for Israel have infiltrated the PLO, apologizes for running 1st installment. (WT 6/20)

Israel's Moledet party merges with Tehiya to become Moledet, Tenu'at Ne'emney Eretz Yisra'el Yotz'ey Hatehiya [Movement of Eretz Yisra'el Faithful Formerly of Tehiya]. (QY 7/19 in FBIS 7/20)

2,000 settlers hold antigovernment protest outside hotel in Zichron Ya'acov where PA, Israel are holding talks. (HA 7/20 in FBIS 7/21)