Wednesday, June 7, 1995

In Cairo, Israel, PA close 2-day round of talks on expanding self-rule, reach draft agmt. on transferring responsibilities for labor to PA. (MENA 6/7 in FBIS 6/8; CSM 6/9)

IDF dismantles a military base in `Illar nr. Tulkarm. (CSM 6/9)

Multilateral Working Group on Economic Development meets in Amman. (JTV 6/7 in FBIS 6/8)

Quadripartite (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, PA) technical comm. on refugees convenes for 1st time in Beersheba. (IGPO 6/6; VOP 6/7 in FBIS 6/7) (see 3/7)

In Damascus, U.S. envoy Ross, Pres. Asad discuss agenda for Syrian-Israeli talks to be held in Washington 6/27. After mtg. Ross heads to Cairo to meet with FM Musa, stops on way to brief PM Rabin on talks with Syrians. (MM 6/7; RE, SATN 6/7 in FBIS 6/8; MM, WT 6/8)

German Chancellor Kohl meets with Arafat in Jericho, pledges additional $7 m. to the PA, says Germany will consider investing in industrial parks. (VOP 6/7 in FBIS 6/8; CSM 6/8; VOP 6/10 in FBIS 6/12; MM 6/13; BT 6/22)

In Geneva, PA Labor M Samir Ghawshah represents PA at International Labor Org. (ILO) mtg., blocks U.S., Israeli motion to delete topic of Palestinian workers' conditions fr. the agenda. (PWR 6/95)

Israeli parliament approves $70 m. for army to begin "Rainbow II"--a plan calling for months of construction of new bypass roads for settlers in and a slowly phased withdrawal fr. West Bank. (WP 6/8)

Natan Sharansky announces formation of new Movement for Israel and Immigration to aid immigrants economically, socially politically; says he may turn it into a party aimed at coalescing Russian immigrants into voting bloc for Israel's 1996 elections. (JP 6/8 in FBIS 6/9; JP 6/17; NYT 6/20; JP 6/24; CSM 6/27)

Israeli State Atty. rules that Shin Bet interrogator who caused death of Palestinian detainee 4/25 "could not and should not have expected a fatal result of his actions," will not be criminally prosecuted. (NYT 6/8) (see 4/28)

Senate passes Pres. Clinton's antiterrorism bill 91-8. Bill expands government use of wiretaps, gives FBI greater access to phone and credit card reports, expands authority to deport or refuse entry to immigrants, bans fundraising for foreign organizations designated as terrorist by State Dept., allows U.S. citizens to sue terrorist groups for personal injuries sustained in attacks. (NYT, WP, WT 6/8; WJW 7/27) (see 6/20)