Thursday, June 8, 1995

Secy. of State Christopher arrives in Jerusalem on 1st leg of Middle East tour focused on advancing the Syrian-Israeli track, setting agenda for upcoming Washington talks; meets with PM Rabin. (WP 6/7; MM, WT 6/8; QY 6/8 in FBIS 6/9; MEI 7/21)

Arafat meets with U.S. special envoy Ross in Jericho to discuss peace process, industrial zones, Christopher visit. (MM 6/8; VOP 6/8 in FBIS 6/8)

Jordanian parliament opens extraordinary session to address lifting Israeli boycott. (WP 7/14)

Frmr. PLO negotiator Haidar `Abd al-Shafi announces establishment of new Movement for Democratic Construction. Group calls for democratic elections that "produce legitimate representatives of the Palestinians people."(al-Manar 6/12 in FBIS 6/15; JP 6/17; PR 6/25)

House approves foreign affairs bill (222-192) that would cut aid by $1 b. next yr. and $500 m. in 1997; preserve $3 b. for Israel, $2.1 b. for Egypt; bring USAID, USIA, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency under State Dept. The House Appropriations Subcomm. sets allocations for 1996 (incl., $3 b. for Israel, $80 m. for refugee resettlement in Israel). (WP 6/8; WT 6/9; Near East Report 6/19)