Thursday, June 22, 1995

Lebanese FM Buwayz sets 3 conditions for resumption of negotiations with Israel: U.S. must send Lebanon a credible Israeli proposal for review; proposal must not contradict Lebanese principles for resuming talks; Israel must 1st withdraw fr. s. Lebanon. (RL 6/22 in FBIS 6/23)

Multilateral Working Group on Water closes session in Amman. Parties propose joint projects totalling $50 m. (IGPO 6/23 in FBIS 6/28)

FM Peres, Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan meet in Amman, discuss water, technical, scientific cooperation. (MM 6/22; QY 6/22 in FBIS 6/22; RJ 6/22 in FBIS 6/23)

Arafat holds mtgs with Israeli Knesset Dep. Speaker Rafael Edri on implementation of 2d stage of self-rule; with UN coordinator Terje Larsen on UN activities in the o.t.; with World Bank rep. Kem Chin on donor states' assistance. (VOP 6/23 in FBIS 6/23)

Mahmud al-Khawaja, top leader of Islamic Jihad, is killed in a drive-by shooting in Gaza. Islamic Jihad blames Israeli security services, vows retaliation. Israel neither confirms, denies the accusation. (AFP 6/22 in FBIS 6/22; AFP 6/22, SA 6/23 in FBIS 6/23; CSM, MM, NYT, WT 6/23; PR 7/2)

In Hebron, IDF shuts 4th mosque in 2 wks. after security forces find alleged Hamas material during raid. (PR 6/18; QY 6/22 in FBIS 6/23) (see 6/15)

In Ramallah, IDF shoots, wounds 4 Palestinians during demonstration by 100s of Palestinians in support of prisoners' hunger strike. (HA 6/23 in FBIS 6/23) (see 6/17)

IDF shells Hizballah positions in s. Lebanon, killing 1 child. (QY 6/23 in FBIS 6/23; WP 6/24)

To date, 55 senators have signed onto Sen. Robert Dole's bill that would move the U.S. embassy in Israel fr. Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (see 5/9). Secy. of State Christopher warns senators Clinton will veto. (JP 6/22 in FBIS 6/22)