Wednesday, June 21, 1995

Following reports that he has been seeking a deal for Syria, Israeli Dep. FM Beilin admits he has informally discussed economic aid, debt rescheduling for Syria with EU nations (incl. Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden); suggested they draw up plans (preferably to be presented at EU business conference in Barcelona 11/95) to be implemented after an agmt. that would encourage Syria to negotiate seriously. (MM 6/21; IDF Radio, JP 6/21 in FBIS 6/21; MM 6/22)

FM Peres, Justice M Liba'i, DMin. officials hold mtg. on easing restrictions, facilitating process for Jordanians' entry into Israel. (QY 6/21 in FBIS 6/22)

FM Peres, Dep. FM Beilin say scope, pace of pullout fr. West Bank will be set by speed of building bypass roads. PM Rabin complains that high cost of protecting West Bank settlements needlessly directs money away fr. other important government projects, investments; building bypass roads could cost $250,000 per family. (MM 6/21; IDF Radio, QY 6/21 in FBIS 6/21; ITV 6/21 in FBIS 6/22; MM, NYT, WT 6/22)