Saturday, June 24, 1995

Syrian VP Khaddam, Iranian FM Hassan Habibi convene 2-day Syrian-Iranian Joint Comm. mtg. to discuss Hizballah, Syrian-Israeli negotiations. Khaddam reportedly asks Iran to help Syria push talks with Israel to a "positive conclusion" by accepting Syrian plan to disarm Lebanese branch of Hizballah following peace agmt. (MM 6/20; Voice of Iran 6/24, SA 6/25 in FBIS 6/25; MM 6/29)

In Amman, King Hussein, Arab Democratic Party MK Darawshah discuss Palestinian-Israeli negotiations. (JTV 6/24 in FBIS 6/29)

1000s of Palestinians clash with IDF across the West Bank as widespread protests erupted in support of hunger-striking prisoners (see 6/17). Outside Orient House, 13 Palestinians are injured when Israeli police fire rubber bullets at demonstrators. In Nablus, IDF uses live ammunition to disperse 200 women, wounding 2. PM Rabin says cabinet will discuss prisoners issue at mtg. next wk. (WP, WT 6/25; MM 6/26; WJW 6/29)

Israeli border police kill 1 Palestinian, capture 2d, let 3d escape when trio attempts to cross border fr. Jordan into West Bank. (QY 6/26 in FBIS 6/27)

Lebanese Forces cmdr. Samir Ja`ja` is given death sentence, commuted to life with hard labor for murdering Dany Chamoun and his family in 10/90. (RL, VOL 6/24 in FBIS 6/27; WP, WT 6/25; MEI 7/7; MM, WT 7/26)