Sunday, May 14, 1995

Israeli cabinet upholds confiscation of 134 acres announced 4/27. PM Rabin refuses to block decision, promises Israel will not confiscate any more Arab land in Jerusalem for housing purposes without Palestinian consent. Arab League calls promise "worthless." (QY 5/14, 5/15 in FBIS 5/15; CSM, WT 5/15; QY 5/14, ITV 5/15 in FBIS 5/16; JP 5/20)

Palestinian-Israeli Jerusalem Comm. opens 2-days of talks. (VOP 5/14 in FBIS 5/15)

In Cairo, Arab League Secy. Gen. `Abd al-Majid meets with Pres. Mubarak regarding convening summit on Jerusalem expropriations. (MENA 5/14 in FBIS 5/15)

PA military court convicts, sentences Sayyid Abu Musamih, Hamas official and editor of al-Watan arrested 5/13, to 2 yrs in jail for writing "seditious" articles, increasing tensions btwn. Hamas, PA. Al-Watan is ordered to close for 3 mos. (AFP 5/14 in FBIS 5/15; WT 5/15; AFP, QY 5/15 in FBIS 5/16; NYT 5/21)

IDF detains, questions, photographs PA policemen, min. officials at checkpoint as they return to self-rule areas. PA protests. (VOP 5/15 in FBIS 5/16)