Monday, May 15, 1995

PA, Israeli teams arrive in Cairo for round of elections talks. Parties will try to come to an agmt. that would permit PA to conduct a "quasi-census" in o.t. to update population registry, prepare voter registry. (IGPO 5/14; MENA, VOP 5/15 in FBIS 5/16; CSM 5/16)

At White House, Pres. Clinton, Secy. of State Christopher hold talks with Syrian FM Shara` on Golan, confidence-building measures, reportedly present Shara` with U.S. "bridging" proposal to spur talks btwn. Syria, Israel. Christopher says Syria, Israel have narrowed differences over security arrangement, discusses possible shuttle mission to Middle East at end of June. (SATN 5/15, SARR 5/16 in FBIS 5/16; NYT, WP, WT 5/16; YA 5/16 in FBIS 5/17; WT 5/17; WP 5/21)

PM Rabin tells Knesset that most of Syria's demands are unacceptable, talks are effectively deadlocked. (WT 5/16, 5/17)

UN begins debate on recent Israeli land confiscations. Arab states call for united front against Israel's seizures. (CSM 5/15; WT 5/17, 5/18)

Israel's Arab Democratic Party, HADASH each file no confidence motion over Jerusalem land seizures. (QY 5/15 in FBIS 5/15)

Israeli FMin. bars Swedish Dep. PM Mona Sahlin fr. mtg. with Arafat advisor Husseini at Orient House. In protest, Sahlin cancels all mtgs. with Israelis and PA, returns home. (JP, QY 5/15 in FBIS 5/15)

In s. Lebanon, 7 IDF soldiers are wounded in roadside bombing by Hizballah. (CSM 5/16)