Friday, September 1, 1995

In Italy, Arafat meets with PM Lamberto Dini, Pres. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro. Then on sidelines of a private business conference in Cernobbio, Italy, FM Peres, Arafat hold brief, informal mtg. to discuss unresolved issues. Peres confirms that secret Israeli-PA talks were held in Italy in 6/95. (MM 9/1; VOP 9/1 in FBIS 9/6; QY 9/2 in FBIS 9/5; WJW 9/7)

Israel asks U.S. to withdraw a travel warning recommending Americans avoid using Israeli busses, which have been targets of Palestinian suicide bombers. (QY 9/1 in FBIS 9/1; WT 9/2)