Saturday, September 2, 1995

In 1st mtg. since the Vatican established ties with the PA, Arafat meets with Pope John Paul II at Castelgandolfo, Italy; also confirms secret negotiations were held in Italy before, after Oslo agmt. (VOP 9/2 in FBIS 9/5; WP 9/3; WJW 9/7; RAI Radio [Rome] 92 in FBIS 9/8)

In Damascus, PLO's Qaddumi meets with FM Shara` to discuss recent developments in the peace process. (SATN 9/2 in FBIS 9/5)

Sr. PLO official Hisham `Abd al-Raziq, head of PLO talks with Hamas, says he is close to an agmt. with Hamas that would end its violent attacks. (AFP 9/2 in FBIS 9/5; Al-Hayat 9/2 in FBIS 9/6; WT 9/4; CSM 9/5)

In apparent suicide, Israeli motorist speeds through Israeli, PA roadblocks at entrance to Gaza, is shot, killed by Palestinian police. (AFP, QY 9/2 in FBIS 9/6; NYT, WP, WT 9/3)