Friday, September 29, 1995

In Washington, Pres. Clinton discusses Israeli-Syrian, Israeli-Lebanese talks with King Hussein, Pres. Mubarak. Mubarak then meets with Defense Secy. Perry, congressional leaders. (JTV, MENA 9/29 in FBIS 10/1; NYT 9/30; JTV 10/9 in FBIS 10/10)

In New York, Israeli FM Peres meets with Qatar's Shaykh Hamad. (MM 10/2)

Jordanian opposition parties, independents attend antinormalization conference in Amman. This mtg. was originally scheduled for 5/29, but was banned by the government hours before it occurred. Organizers skirted the ban by holding the mtg. in private offices, rather than in a public forum. (JT 9/30, SARR 10/1, JT 10/2 in FBIS 10/2) (see 5/18, 5/29)

Kiryat Arba leader Zvi Katzover says he is forming a settler militia to take over IDF posts as IDF withdraws fr. Hebron, says 100s of settlers have already signed up. (WT 9/30)

2 days after he was arrested by 4 PSF mbrs, Palestinian-American Azzam Muhammad Ibrahim Muslih becomes the 4th to die in PA custody. (QY, VOP 9/29 in FBIS 10/2; NYT 10/1, 10/2; JP 10/7)

The Maronite Bishopric in Tyre lodges complaint with the UN observers in s. Lebanon, saying IDF forces confiscated and levelled 20,000 sq. m. of its olive groves nr. al-Duhayra. UN confirms the IDF has cordoned off the land with barbed wire. (RL 9/29 in FBIS 10/2)