Saturday, September 30, 1995

Israeli FM Peres, Omani FM Bin-`Alawi discuss economic issues on the sidelines of the UN mtg. (MM 10/2; QY 10/2 in FBIS 10/4; MEI 10/6; JP 10/14)

100s of settlers rampage through Hebron, damage Palestinian cars and homes, beat up 2 American pro-Palestinian peace activists. Israeli police intervene, arrest 2 settlers. (QY 9/30 in FBIS 10/2; NYT, WP 10/1; JP 10/7)

IDF extends West Bank, Gaza closure to 10/5, puts forces on alert after receiving information regarding a planned Islamic Jihad attack. (QY 9/30, ITV 10/1, QY 10/2 in FBIS 10/2) (see 9/24)