Wednesday, December 4, 1996

PM Netanyahu says that PA, Israeli teams have exhausted their work; he and Arafat should hold a summit to wrap up the long-stalled talks on Hebron. (ITV 12/4 in WNC 12/6; MM 12/5; WP 12/6)

Israel, PA agree to set up a hot line in order to improve communications btwn. the Israeli Internal Security Min., the PSF in case of emergency. (IDF Radio 12/4 in WNC 12/6)

The World Bank loans Lebanon $35.7 m. for rehabilitation of the health sector. (RL 12/4 in WNC 12/6)

Israeli Atty. Gen. Mikhael Ben-Ya'ir announces his resignation, will step down 1/1/97. (MM 12/4; JP 12/14)

After the U.S. hints that it may drop its preference for an African candidate and begin considering non-Africans, UN Secy. Gen. Butros-Ghali temporarily suspends his candidacy for a 2d term, allowing other nominations to be made. (WP 12/5; CSM, MEI, WT 12/6)