Thursday, December 5, 1996

At weekly PC session, mbrs. threaten the executive with a no-confidence vote if it does not take firm action on behalf of prisoners, says the leadership is "not dealing seriously" with the prisoner issue in negotiations with Israel. (PR 12/13)

Responding to PM Netanyahu's 12/4 suggestion, Arafat says that he is willing to take part in a bilateral summit to finalize terms of an Israeli redeployment in Hebron. (WP 12/6)

Jordan, PA hold trade talks in Amman; discuss holding future trilateral economic mtgs. with Israel on provisions for Jordanian exports to/imports fr. the PA self-rule areas. (RJ 12/5 in WNC 12/9)

IDF says that 17 mos. ago, after 5 mos. of preparation, a special forces unit named Egoz began operating against Hizballah in s. Lebanon. To date Egoz mbrs., chosen fr. Golani Brigade recruits, have killed 16 Hizballah fighters or officials. 2 Egoz mbrs. have been killed. (MM 12/5; JP 12/14)

In New York, donors pledge $133 m. to the annual UNRWA pledging conference for regular programs, operations for 1997. (UNRWA press release 12/9; JT 12/13 in WNC 12/16)

Pres. Clinton nominates Amb. to the UN Albright for secy. of state, Sen. William S. Cohen (R-ME) for secy. of defense, National Security Adviser (NSA) Anthony Lake for CIA dir., Dep. NSA Samuel Berger for NSA. (ITV 12/5, MA 12/6 in WNC 12/9; MM, NYT, WP, WP 12/6; VIRI 12/6, RMC 12/7, al-Dustur 12/8 in WNC 12/10; MM 12/9; JT, RL 12/10 in WNC 12/11; WJW 12/12; MEI 12/20; WJW 12/26, 1/2)

PA announces it will make an official inquiry into Fityani's death in PA custody 12/3. (NYT 12/6; PR 12/13)