Monday, December 23, 1996

U.S special envoy Ross meets again with Netanyahu, Arafat; arranges for each of them to be briefed separately on the status of talks by a joint delegation of PA, Israeli negotiators (incl. Abbas, Molho). (MM 12/23; RMC 12/23 in WNC 12/24; IDF Radio, ITV 12/23 in WNC 12/26; CSM, WT 12/24)

In Amman, PM Kabariti, PA Agriculture M `Abd al-Jawwad Salih discuss expanding Jordanian exports to the self-rule areas, bilateral cooperation on agriculture. (RJ 12/23 in WNC 12/26)

Israeli Housing Min. says it will soon market land on the Golan for the expansion of Qatzrin settlement by 96 units. (MM 12/23)

Lebanese, Syrian officials say that 10s of Lebanese (perhaps as many as 200), many of whom are affiliated with the Christian opposition, have been detained for questioning regarding the 12/18 bus attack. Many already have been released. Coordinator for Israeli activities in Lebanon, Uri Lubrani, warns Syria that there will be retribution for the arrests. (MM 12/23; RL 12/26 in WNC 12/30; MM 1/3; al-Watan al-Arabi [Paris] 1/3 in WNC 1/14)

Jordanian government announces that a 10% cut in bread prices will be implemented in 1/97. (JT 12/24 in WNC 12/27) (see 8/16-18)

SLA expels a couple fr. their home in s. Lebanon to the n. after their son deserts the SLA. (RL 12/23 in WNC 12/26)