Sunday, February 25, 1996

Bus bomb explodes in downtown Jerusalem, killing 23 people (incl. 2 Americans), wounding 49. Second suicide bomb explodes at IDF hitchhiking post nr. Ashkelon, killing 2, wounding 29. Group calling itself The Yahya Ayyash Units, New Disciples claims responsibility in revenge for Ayyash's slaying 1/5 and to mark the 2d anniversary of the Hebron massacre. Israel seals West Bank, Gaza; halts all negotiations with the PA. (IDF Radio, JMCC, JTV, QPAR, QY, RJ, VOL, VOP 2/25, RJ, SARR, VOP 2/26 in FBIS 2/26; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 2/26; NYT 2/27; WJW 2/29; MEI, PR 3/1; PR 3/8)

Following bombings, PA police immediately detain 120 Hamas, Islamic Jihad supporters across the West Bank, Gaza. Hamas's Izzeddin al-Qassam Brigades issues a leaflet saying it is not responsible for the bombings. (QY 2/25, IDF Radio, QY 2/26 in FBIS 2/26; IDF Radio, ITV 2/26 in FBIS 2/27; MM, NYT 2/27; QY 2/27 in FBIS 2/27; MM, NYT, WT 2/28)

In Ashkelon, an Israeli truck runs into a bus carrying Palestinian workers, injuring 20. (VOP 2/27 in FBIS 2/27)