Monday, February 26, 1996

In Jerusalem, car driven by a Palestinian-American rams into a crowded bus stop, killing 1, injuring 23. 2 Israeli settlers shoot, kill the driver. Israeli police are unsure whether the man lost control of the auto or deliberately crashed it. (IDF Radio, ITV, QY 2/26, HA 2/27 in FBIS 2/27; CSM, MM, NYT, WP 2/27; WP, WT 2/28; MEI, PR 3/1)

PM Peres convenes a special session of the Knesset to discuss recent attacks, vows to wage war on Hamas; hints that if there are any more attacks, Israel might delay its withdraw fr. Hebron. (ITV 2/26 in FBIS 2/27; NYT 2/27)

IDF raids the Hebron homes of the families of 2 missing men suspected in the 2/25 bombings. Hebron is still under Israeli military control. (NYT 2/28)

2 IDF soldiers are slightly wounded when Hizballah shells their outpost in s. Lebanon. (QY, RL 2/26 in FBIS 2/26)

Israel says Lebanese military intelligence officers have kidnapped a Lebanese national allegedly working for Mossad in s. Lebanon. Lebanon tried and convicted the man, Ahmad Hallaq, in absentia for the 12/21/94 bombing that killed the brother of a Hizballah leader. (ITV, MENA 2/26 in FBIS 2/27) (see 12/28/94)

Yusif Maggid Molqi, sentenced to 30 yrs. for killing Leon Klinghoffer during the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro, disappears while on furlough fr. an Italian prison. (WT 3/6)