Thursday, July 11, 1996

PC closes weekly 2-day session in Ramallah. (VOP 7/11 in FBIS 7/12)

PM Netanyahu heads to New York to meet with 200 leaders of the U.S. financial community, mbrs. of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO), ambs. to the UN, presidential candidate Bob Dole. At CMPAJO mtg., Netanyahu recommends Jewish organizations finance 2 programs to fight assimilation of Jews: a "physical and spiritual airlift" of 100,000s of young Jews to Israel for summer tours, wedding gifts of 10 "basic Jewish books" to every Jewish couple who marries. (MM 7/11; MM, NYT, WP 7/12; QY 7/12 in FBIS 7/12; WP 7/13; WJW 7/18)

Fmr. Israeli PM Peres sharply criticizes PM Netanyahu, calls his statements fr. the U.S. "an unwise attempt to unite the Arab world against us." (IDF Radio 7/11 in FBIS 7/12; MM 7/12, 7/16)

PA announces plans to use 12 acres of state land in Nablus to build headquarters for Arafat. Villagers protest, say they own the land, accuse PA of confiscation. Nablus municipality says those protesting have no legal right to the plot. (PR 7/19)

Nr. Tulkarm, IDF uses teargas to disperse 10s of Palestinian workers protesting closure at IDF crossing point into Israel. (QY 7/11 in FBIS 7/11)