Friday, July 12, 1996

Joint EA, PLO Exec. Comm. mtg. is held in Gaza. (VOP 7/12 in FBIS 7/12; VOP 7/13 in FBIS 7/15)

PM Netanyahu says he is "neither impressed nor bothered" by harsh Arab reaction to his statements over recent days (see 7/10, 7/11); he will meet with Arafat "when I decide it is vital." (MM 7/12; YA 7/12 in FBIS 7/12; ITV 7/12 in FBIS 7/15)

At the State Dept., France, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, the U.S. finalize agmt. cease-fire monitoring comm. for s. Lebanon--to be called the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group (ILMG): U.S., France will rotate chairmanship; chair will be based in Cyprus; comm. will meet in Naqura, s. Lebanon; FMs of France, Syria, U.S. will consult with FMs of Israel, Lebanon when dispute arises; decisions will be made by consensus. No date is set for the 1st comm. mtg. (IDF Radio, SARR 7/13, IDF Radio, VOL 7/14 in FBIS 7/15; MM 7/15; JP 7/20) (see 7/6)