Friday, March 8, 1996

PLO's Faruq Qaddumi arrives in Beirut fr. Damascus, meets with Lebanese FM Buwayz, announces he is making a tour of Arab states (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria) to gain support for a "council to look after Palestinian refugees abroad." (al-Hayat, al-Nahar 3/9 in FBIS 3/12; al-Nahar 3/31 in FBIS 4/3)

Lebanon puts its forces on alert, fearing either Israel will deport Palestinians to its territory or attack s. Lebanon. Israeli puts its forces in s. Lebanon on alert, fearing a Hizballah attack as a demonstration of support for recent bombings. (IDF Radio, RL 3/8 in FBIS 3/8; RL, VOL 3/10 in FBIS 3/11) (see 3/5, 3/7)

PA amb. to Ankara Fu'ad Yasin says 8 Palestinians have disappeared in Turkey, apparently for political reasons, since the recent bombings in Israel; says the PA is following the issue closely with Turkish officials. (MENA 3/8 in FBIS 3/8)

To prevent suspects connected to recent bombings fr. fleeing by sea, Israel bans all fishing off the Gaza coast. PA condemns the action as collective punishment, violation of Oslo accords. (IDF Radio 3/8 in FBIS 3/8; NYT 3/9; WT 3/11)

In Burqa, West Bank, IDF blows up house rented by family of the 3/3 bomber. In Jerusalem, the IDF serves the Conference of Sciences and Islamic Education offices in n. Jerusalem with closure, partial confiscation orders, saying offices are used as a Hamas base. (VOP 3/8 in FBIS 3/11; WT 3/9; MM 3/20)

PA police detain Hamas spokesman Zahhar in Gaza City. (AFP 3/8 in FBIS 3/11)

PSF West Bank head Col. Jibril Rajub is forced to resign after refusing to carry out Arafat's orders to arrest Hamas leaders. Hussayn Shaykh, current head of Ramallah security, is appointed to replace him. (ITV, QY, RMC 3/9, HA 3/11 in FBIS 3/11; WT 3/10; QY 3/10 in FBIS 3/12)