Monday, March 25, 1996

Israeli Maj. Gen. Shahor complains to the PA that it has ignored Israeli approval to reactivate a loading station at Erez crossing which would allow construction materials to enter Gaza; has not improved security at Qarni crossing point as agreed by erecting fences, increasing guards, reducing sized of loads so they may be searched more easily. He complains the PA is not cooperating with Israeli efforts to lift the closure. (JP 3/26 in FBIS 3/26)

Israel's Labor party holds its 1st ever primary to select its slate of MK candidates, excluding candidate for PM, for the 5/29 elections. In a sign of party unity, current Tourism M Uzi Baram is selected over FM Barak and Interior M Haim Ramon to head the list. (MM 3/25, 3/26; QY 3/26 in FBIS 3/27; CSM, MM 3/27; MM, NYT 3/28; WJW 4/4; MEI 4/12)

U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv turns down a visa request from Rabin assassin Yigal Amir's brother and sister, who requested entry to the U.S. to fund-raise for Yigal and Hagai Amir's defense. (QY 3/25 in FBIS 3/26)

Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard cuts short a prison meeting with an Israeli diplomat because he feels the visitor is not high-ranking enough, says U.S. will not deal seriously with his case until Israel does. (WT 3/26) (see 1/24)

Bank of Israel's annual report shows that the government is subsidizing private sector loans with the U.S. loan guarantees. By the end of 1995 $1.7 b. was transferred to private companies, 86 percent of which went to 1 company. (HA 3/25 in FBIS 3/25)