Saturday, August 9, 1997

U.S. special envoy Ross arrives in Jerusalem for talks with PA, Israel aimed at easing tensions, resuming security contacts that would pave way for visit by Secy. of State Albright, resumption of negotiations. (NYT 8/9; Radio France Internationale 8/9 in WNC 8/12; NYT, WT 8/10; JP 8/16)

Arafat calls emergency session of the PC to discuss conditions in the territories since the 7/30 bombings. (NYT, WT 8/10)

Nearly 2 wks. after the 7/30 bombings, Israel is still unable to identify the bombers. While some Israeli news reports claim that unnamed government officials have determined that the bombers were Palestinians fr. Nablus or Surif, other unnamed Israeli, PA officials claim that several indicators (the labels on the bombers clothing had been cut off, their finger prints are not on file, their bombs left no chemical residue, they carried Jordanian dinars) suggest that the bombers came fr. abroad, perhaps fr. Lebanon. Lebanese FM Faris Buwayz says that Israel is propagating these rumors to justify its recent intensification of attacks on Lebanon. (RL 8/9, al-Hayat al-Jadida 8/10 in WNC 8/12; WP 8/11, WT 8/18)

Israel eases the "inner closure" to allow Palestinian movement btwn. Janin, Qalqilya, Tulkarm. Bethlehem, H1 in Hebron, Ramallah are still sealed. Palestinians are permitted to cross the border into Jordan, but the overall ban on Palestinians entering Israel remains in effect. (WT 8/10, 8/13)

PA police uncover a cache of weapons, explosives in Qalqilya, arrest several Palestinians. (NYT 8/10; YA 8/10 in WNC 8/12; NYT 8/11; LAW 8/20)

Israeli Air Force (IAF) stages 2 attacks targeting Hizballah, PFLP-GC training camps in the Biqa` Valley, killing 1 Hizballah mbr. and 1 PFLP-GC mbr., wounding 4 Hizballah mbrs. 1 SLA mbr. is wounded in a separate clash with Hizballah. (RL 8/9 in WNC 8/12; NYT, WT 8/10; MM 8/11)