Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Before leaving for Washington, U.S special envoy Ross says that Secy. of State Albright is planning to make her 1st trip to the region, possibly in 9/97. Timing will depend on how well/quickly PA-Israeli-U.S. security coordination develops. (MM 8/13; al-Dustur 8/13, ITV 8/14 in WNC 8/15; MM, NYT, WP 8/14; MM, NYT, WT 8/15)

In Aqaba, King Hussein, PM Netanyahu discuss the current impasse in the peace process. (MM 8/13; JT, JTV, al-Ra'i, RJ 8/13 in WNC 8/14; RJ 8/13, JT, RJ, YA 8/14 in WNC 8/15; CSM, NYT, WP 8/14; NYT 8/15)

IDF demolishes 10 more Palestinian homes--8 in East Jerusalem, 2 in the West Bank. (LAW 8/13; WP 8/14)

In Baghdad, Syrian, Iraqi FMin. officials begin discussions on the demarcation of borders btwn. their countries. (SA 8/14 in WNC 8/15) (see 8/6)

ILMG concludes mtgs. begun 8/10, voices extreme concern over the escalation of serious incidents, urges all parties to refrain fr. conducting attacks that can affect civilian-populated areas. (RL 8/13 in WNC 8/14) (see 8/11)