Sunday, December 28, 1997

Israeli Infrastructures M Sharon takes Netanyahu, 7 cabinet mbrs. on a tour of the West Bank to underscore need for Israel to retain security zones after FRD. (IDF Radio 12/28, al-Quds 1/29 in WNC 1/1; WT 12/29; JP 1/10) (see 12/23)

Saying that Pollard "has paid a heavier price than any other person convicted of a similar crime" in the U.S., PM Netanyahu orders the formation of a special ministerial team (PM, DM, FM, atty. gen., MKs Limor Livnat and Yuli Edelstein) to lobby for Pollard's release. (YA 12/29 in WNC 1/1; JP 1/3) (see 12/14)

Azerbaijan announces support for plan, backed by U.S., to transport Caspian oil, gas through Turkey. Meanwhile, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan sign agmt. opposed by U.S. to construct gas pipeline fr. Turkmenistan, through Iran and Turkey, to Europe. (Interfax [Moscow], IRNA, ITAR-TASS 12/28 in WNC 1/1) (see 11/19)