Monday, December 29, 1997

5 mos. after it was submitted, Arafat accepts the Executive Authority's (EA) resignation. No date for cabinet reshuffle is set. (NYT, WP, WT 12/30; CSM 1/2; JP 1/10) (see 12/23)

Israeli Infrastructures M Sharon again tours West Bank, this time presenting his FRD plan to local settlers' group. (ITV 12/29 in WNC 1/1) (see 12/28)

Jordan's State Security Court sentences 4 Jordanians linked with the Islamist group Bay'at al-Imam, to terms ranging 10+n15 yrs. of hard labor for plotting attacks on Israel. A 5th suspect is still being tried in a separate court. (JT 12/30 in WNC 1/1) (see 8/8)

Jordan, Iraq sign oil cooperation accord. (RJ 12/29, al-Ra'i 12/30 in WNC 1/1; MM 1/5)

Bomb explodes in Ba'albeck, Lebanon, killing 1 woman, wounding her husband, child. (VOL 12/30 in WNC 1/1)