Monday, March 3, 1997

PM Netanyahu, DM Mordechai, FM Levy discuss 1st phase of further redeployment (FRD). (WT 3/23)

In Washington, Arafat meets with U.S. pres. Bill Clinton, Secy. of State Madeleine Albright. (MM, WT 3/3; MM, NYT, WP, WT 3/4; MM 3/5; WJW 3/6; MEI 3/7; WJW 3/13)

Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Gaza, West Bank observe general strike to protest Israel's Har Homa and other construction plans. (MM 3/3; CSM, NYT, WT 3/4; MEI 3/7)

The 54-mbr. Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and Iran formally condemn Israel's plans to build at Har Homa. (VIRI 3/3 in WNC 3/7; MM 3/4)

Turkey dispatches a special envoy to Iran. Both countries blame the media for recent tensions. (VIRI 3/4 in WNC 3/10) (see 2/26)

Japanese envoy arrives in Damascus fr. Beirut to discuss with Syrian pres. Asad the extradition fr. Lebanon of 5 Red Army mbrs. Syria says it will not block the transfer. (MM 3/4; Kyodo [Tokyo] 3/4, 3/6 in WNC 3/7; AFP, Kyodo 3/4 in WNC 3/10; MM 3/5) (see 3/2)

A Syrian bus carrying 9 Japanese tourists comes under fire nr. Baalbeck, Lebanon, causing no injuries. (MM 3/5)