Sunday, October 26, 1997

Russian FM Primakov arrives in Israel for 2-day visit, meets with PM Netanyahu, FM Levy. (IDF Radio, ITAR-TASS [Moscow], QY 10/26, Interfax [Moscow], ITV 10/27, YA 10/28 in WNC 10/29)

PA's Arafat, Egypt's Pres. Mubarak, Yemen's Pres. Ali `Abdallah Salih hold talks on peace process in Cairo. (MENA 10/26, RE 10/27 in WNC 10/29)

YESHA settlers council decides to build a new settlment west of Gush Etzion settlement nr. Bethlehem if Isarael accepts any sort of settlement freeze at the upcoming Washington talks; says general plan for the new settlement was approved in the 1970s by PM Golda Meir, but  exact location would be kept secret until the government's stand on settlements is clarified. (MM 10/27; JP 11/8)

PA Preventive Security Force arrests journalist and human rights worker Khalid al-Amayreh following the publication in an Israeli Arab newspaper of his report on the torture of Hamas activists arrested by the PA over the past few mos. (Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group press release 10/27)

Israel commutes to 24 yrs. the life sentence Alan Goodman, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen found guilty of killing 2 Palestinians, wounding 9 at al-Aqsa Mosque on 4/11/82; releases him after he agrees to spend the remaining 8 yrs. of his sentence in the U.S. (WT 10/27; WP 10/30)

IDF shells strike medical center affliated with PFLP-GC in s. Lebanon, killing a nurse. (MM 10/27; RL 10/27 in WNC 10/29)