Thursday, February 5, 1998

In Cairo, Egyptian FM Musa, PA Planning M Shaath discuss peace process, Mubarak mtg. with Albright 2/3. (MENA 2/5 in WNC 2/6)

Turkey's Gen. Kivrikoglu meets with DM Mordechai. (IGPO 2/5)

Iranian Majles speaker Nateq-Nuri arrives in Lebanon for 2-day visit, talks on cultivating trade ties. (RL 2/5 in WNC 2/6; IRNA 2/5, RL 2/6 in WNC 2/10)

Saying that it "retains its right to self-defense and will operate according to its security interests," Israel rebuffs U.S. request to not retaliate against Iraq should it target Israel as a result of U.S. air strikes. (MM 2/5; MM, WP 2/6; WJW 2/12)

Iraqi pres. Saddam Hussein orders release of all 1,200-1,300 Arab prisoners in apparent move to win sympathy in his dispute with the U.S. (NYT, WP 2/6; al-Aswaq [Amman], MENA 2/12 in WNC 2/15)

13 mbrs. of the Israeli Islamic Movement hold quiet demonstration against potential U.S. attack on Iraq in front of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv. (IDF Radio 2/5 in WNC 2/6)

SLA mbrs. block road in s. Lebanon in attempt to prevent French delegation fr. reaching ILMG mtg. UNIFIL intervenes, reopens road. (RL 2/5 in WNC 2/6; RL 2/6 in WNC 2/10)