Wednesday, February 4, 1998

EU special envoy Moratinos discusses peace process with PA Local Government M Erakat. (al-Ra'i 2/5 in WNC 2/11)

Arafat arrives in Spain for 2-day visit, to be followed by trip to the Netherlands. (PALDEV Digest [Internet] 2/4)

In Cairo, Egypt, PA sign custom exemption agmt. (MENA 2/4 in WNC 2/6) (see Peace Monitor)

Netanyahu spokesman Bar-Ilan says that government will override Interior Min.'s 1/22 approval of "Jewish sector" construction plans for Ras al-Amud. (MM, NYT, WP 2/5)

Palestinians living nr. Efrat settlement protest Israeli plans to confiscate their land to build road for local settlers. (PR 2/13)

Jordan's Interior Min. announces it has approved establishment of new Jordan Labor Party, which advocates building relations btwn. Jordanian, Israeli peoples but opposes polices of current Likud government. (JT 2/4 in WNC 2/6; JT 2/10 in WNC 2/11)

Congress debates resolution allowing Pres. Clinton to launch attack on Iraq. White House prefers diplomatic solution with resort to targeted attack on military facilities, sites of suspected violations if there is no progress. Mbrs. of Joint Chiefs of Staff say list of targets belies lack of strategy, White House is only interested in "putting on a show"; recommend concentrated attacks on Republican Guard, facilities housing security details, mbrs. Saddam Hussein's inner circle. Conservative lawmakers--including Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS), Rep. Steven Solarz (D-NY)--say attack should aim to remove Saddam Hussein fr. power. (WT 2/4; NYT, WP, WT 2/5)