Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Israeli ministerial team on FRD meets again, without Levy. (MM 1/6) (see 1/4)

U.S. special envoy Dennis Ross arrives in the Middle East, meets separately with Arafat, Netanyahu to prepare for individual mtgs. each will have with Pres. Clinton in Washington later this mo. (MM 1/6; IDF Radio 1/6 in WNC 1/7; CSM, MM, WP, WT 1/7; ITV 1/8 in WNC 1/11; JP 1/17)

In Paris, Pres. Chirac, PM Lionel Jospin, FM Vedrine discuss the peace process with Syrian VP `Abd al-Halim Khaddam, FM Shara`. (SANA 1/6 in WNC 1/7; Iraq Television Network 1/8 in WNC 1/12; MM 1/16)

Smithsonian removes cosponsor of its upcoming lecture series on Israel's 50th anniversary under pressure fr. conservative American Jewish groups (such as the American Jewish Comm., the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Zionist Organization of America) and Congressman Michael Forbes (R-NY), who claim that the tentative schedule (including speeches by 2 Likud reps.) reflects only the "biased," anti-Likud views of the series cosponsor, the New Israel Fund, a liberal philanthropic organization that supports reconciliation btwn. Arabs, Jews. (NYT, WP, WT 1/7; WJW 1/8; MEI 1/16)