Monday, June 15, 1998

King Hussein meets with Pres. Clinton at the White House to express concern over U.S. hard-line policy on Iraq, stalled peace process. (al-Ra'i, RJ 6/15, al-Dustur, JTV, al-Ra'i, RJ 6/16 in WNC 6/17; NYT, WT 6/16; WP 6/17; al-Ra'i 6/17 in WNC 6/19)

In Cairo, Pres. Mubarak meets with Labor Chmn. Barak. Mubarak comments that he has lost faith in PM Netanyahu. Netanyahu tells the press "this pronouncement is typical of Arab leaders who don't get what they want." (IDF Radio 6/15 in WNC 6/17; MENA, RE 6/15 in WNC 6/17)

PC grants Arafat's request to delay no-confidence motion for 10 days to give him a chance to form new cabinet. Hamas, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine say that they will not join the EA. (MM 6/15; WP 6/16; WT 6/17; MEI 6/19; JP 6/20; PR 6/26; MEI 7/3)

Israeli Interior Min. demolishes 3 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, saying that they were build without permits on areas zoned as "open space." U.S. calls on Israel to refrain fr. such "provocative acts." (LAW, MM, NYT 6/16; JTV 6/16 in WNC 6/17; ITV 6/19 in WNC 6/23; PR 6/26; JP 6/27)

In Rabat, Jordan's PM Majali, Morocco's King Hassan set up joint higher comm. for coordination in all fields; discuss peace process, possible Arab summit. (MKR 6/15, MAP 6/16 in WNC 6/17)