Friday, June 19, 1998

Secy. of State Albright phones PM Netanyahu to condemn his 6/18 plan to Judaize Jerusalem, then holds conference call with Council of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO) to explain U.S. position. State Dept. finds it "extremely hard to understand why Israel would even consider taking such a provocative step at this sensitive time." PA files complaint with UNSC. (NYT, WP 6/20; al-Ahram al-Masa'i, ITV 6/20, JTV, MENA 6/21, MENA 6/22 in WNC 6/23; MM, NYT, WT 6/22; MM 6/24; al-Ahram 6/24 in WNC 6/25; WJW 6/25; JP 6/27; MEI 7/3; JP 7/4; WT 7/13)

In Sana', 1,000s of Yemenis take to the streets to protest government's implementation of 25-55% increase in fuel prices to meet conditions to receive $80 m. in IMF loans. (WP 6/21; MM 6/22; WP 6/24; MM 6/29)

Pres. Clinton issues determination allowing U.S. air carriers to offer indirect flights to, fr. Lebanon. (NAAA Voice 6/98; VOL 6/23, RL 6/24 in WNC 6/25; MM 6/24)

The Jordanian Democratic Unionist Party (JDUP) votes to change its name to the Democratic Party of the Left to reflect changes in party membership since the JDUP was formed in 1995 by the merger of the Jordan Popular Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Jordanian Arab Democratic Party. Since 1995, most nationalists have resigned, leaving the party a completely leftist entity. (JT 6/27 in WNC 6/30) (see 8/4/95)

A roadside bomb explodes in Jazzin, killing an SLA mbr., his son (see 3/31). In a separate incident in Beirut, a car bomb kills 2 fmr. mbrs. of the Lebanese Forces Christian militia, one of whom was an explosives expert, leading to speculation that the men accidently triggered a bomb they were planting. (VOL 6/19 in WNC 6/22; WP 6/20; MM 6/23; RL, RMC 7/2 in WNC 7/6; VOL 7/7, al-Nahar 7/8 in WNC 7/13; MEI 7/17)