Wednesday, May 6, 1998

PM Netanyahu meets with inner cabinet to discuss U.S. proposal for Washington talks 5/11, asks the U.S. to send special envoy Ross back to Israel for further talks before 5/10 cabinet mtg. (ITV 5/6, 5/7 in WNC 5/8; MM, NYT, WP 5/7)

House mbrs. led by Rep. Gingrich condemn the administration for pressuring Israel to accept its 13.1% FRD plan. Letter signed by 221 of 435 reps. is sent to Clinton urging him change course. Pres. Clinton says that his purpose was to revive the peace talks while giving Netanyahu what he wants--immediate accelerated final status negotiations. (MM, WP, WT 5/7; ITV 5/7 in WNC 5/8; MEI 5/8; WP 5/14)

In 3.5 hr. conference call, CPMAJO censures Secy. Albright for giving an "ultimatum" to Israel, "micromanaging" the peace process, breaking fmr. Secy. of State Warren Christopher's pledge to let Israel decide when and how far to redeploy. Albright denies issuing diktat. (WP 5/7; WJW 5/14)

1st lady Hillary Clinton states in television interview that the creation of an independent Palestinian state would hasten peace in the Middle East. White House says statement reflects personal opinion, not policy. (MM, WP 5/7; MM, NYT, WT 5/8; IDF Radio 5/8 in WNC 5/11; WT 5/10; MENA 5/11 in WNC 5/12; Tishrin 5/12 in WNC 5/15; WJW 5/14; JP 5/16; WP 5/19)

In Paris, PA Local Government M Erakat briefs French FM Vedrine on 5/4-5 London talks. France calls on Israel to adopt the U.S. formula. (Radio France Internationale 5/7 in WNC 5/8)

In Washington, Israeli Finance M Neeman ends 2-days of talks on restructuring U.S. aid to Israel. (Globes [Internet] 5/7 in WNC 5/8; JP 5/9)

PA Atty. Gen. Fayiz Abu Rahma resigns. (PCHR 5/6; MEI, PR 5/8; JP 5/9)

In n. Israel, an IDF soldier shoots, wounds a 22-yr.-old Jordanian tourist. Jordan, Israel say incident is under investigation, offer no details. (al-Dustur 5/8 in WNC 5/11)

In East Jerusalem, a rabbinical student is stabbed to death by unknown assailant. Israeli police suspect a Palestinian attacker. In a separate incident nr. the West Bank settlement of Eli, a settler shoots and kills a Palestinian who allegedly tried to stab him. (MM 5/6; WP 5/7; LAW 5/8; JP 5/16)