Wednesday, November 4, 1998

PM Netanyahu postpones cabinet discussion of Wye agmt. for 4th time, saying he will not convene cabinet until the PA clarifies when it will arrest 30 wanted Palestinians. Arafat accuses Netanyahu of adding new conditions to try to wreck the agmt. U.S. says Israel is seeking "extrapolations of commitments." (ITV, RE 11/4 in WNC 11/6; MM, NYT, WP, WT 11/5; SA 11/6 in WNC 11/12) (see 11/3)

In Cairo, PA Planning M Nabil Shaath, negotiator Qurai` discuss Israeli delays in Wye implementation with Pres. Mubarak, FM Musa; ask for Egypt's continued support of the PA. (MENA, RE 11/4, VOA 11/5 in WNC 11/6)

PKK leader Ocalan asks Russia for political asylum. (ATL 11/4 in WNC 11/6; NYT 11/5; ATL 11/6 in WNC 11/12) (see 10/20)

An SLA convoy triggers 2 roadside bombs nr. Jazzin in s. Lebanon, killing 3 SLA mbrs., wounding 1. (VOL 11/4)