Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Secy. Albright holds 2d round of mtgs. with Arafat, Netanyahu. Netanyahu then heads to Ariel settlement for celebration marking Ariel's new city status (see 6/11) also attended by DM Mordechai, Infrastructures M Ariel Sharon. (MM 10/6; ITV 10/6, JT 10/7 in WNC 10/8; NYT, WP 10/7; ITV 10/7 in WNC 10/9; NYT 10/8; PR 10/9; MEI 10/16; JP 10/17)

CIA Dir. George Tenet meets with Israeli, PA officials on security MOU. Israel, PA reach understanding on long-delayed opening of Gaza industrial park after an FRD agmt. is finalized, discuss forming an "anti-incitement" comm. (WP 10/8; ITV, QY 10/13 in WNC 10/15; MEI, PR 10/16) (see 9/8)

While Egypt's Mubarak shuttles btwn. Turkey's Demirel in Ankara and Syria's Asad in Damascus, Turkish PM Mesut Yilmaz cancels leaves for all troops, gives Syria a "last warning" on support for Kurdish separatists. (MM 10/6; ATL, ESC Television, INA, ITAR-TASS, MENA 10/6 in WNC 10/7; MENA, al-Sabil, SATN 10/6, ATL, al-Dustur 10/7 in WNC 10/8; CSM, MM, WP, WT 10/7; ATL, HA, HUR, Iran News, al-Liwa', MENA, MIL 10/7, ATL, MIL 10/8 in WNC 10/9; MM 10/8; MA 10/9 in WNC 10/14) (see 10/5)

In s. Lebanon, Hizbullah mbrs. detonate roadside bombs as an IDF convoy passes, killing 2 soldiers, wounding 6. (MM 10/6; WT 10/7; JP 10/17)