Thursday, October 22, 1998

Pres. Clinton, King Hussein rejoin Wye talks. By evening, some agmts. have been reached, others are near. Over dinner, King Hussein gives an "impassioned speech," calling on Arafat, Netanyahu to keep making progress. Egypt's Mubarak phones Clinton to discuss the talks. (MM 10/22; VOA 10/22 in WNC 10/23; ITV, MENA 10/22 in WNC 10/26; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/23; JT, JTV, al-Ra'i 10/22, Shihan 10/24 in WNC 10/23 [dates as published]; JTV 10/22, IDF Radio 10/23 in WNC 10/26; NYT 10/25)

State Dept., White House meet with major U.S. oil companies to press them to build a pipeline to bring Caspian crude fr. Azerbaijan to Turkey, avoiding Russia, Iran. Oil companies do not believe the region can export enough oil in the nr. future to justify the $3.7-b. project, which the U.S. does not want to fund. (WP 10/28; MEI, WP, WT 10/30) (see 10/21)

An Israeli court orders 3 border policemen detained on suspicion of having shot at a Palestinian van 10/18. (WP 10/23) (see 10/21)

Israeli police arrest a mbr. of a right-wing Jewish group for carrying out 7 knife attacks on Palestinians in Jerusalem btwn. 11/97 and 5/98, killing 1. (AFP [Internet] 10/22)