Wednesday, August 11, 1999

The 2-wk. period for the PA to consider Barak's proposals for a delay in Wye implementation ends. Erakat, Sher meet to discuss the FRD timetable, but reach no agmt. (MM 8/11, 8/12; al-Quds 8/12 in WNC 8/13)

Israeli Justice M Beilin travels to Washington to deliver a message fr. Barak to Secy. of State Albright, also meets with NSA Berger, Atty. Gen. Janet Reno. Albright tells Beilin that the U.S. believes that Israel should carry out the Wye FRD as agreed but would accept "modest adjustments" in the timetable if the PA approved. (MM 8/11; Xinhua 8/12 in WNC 8/13; MM 8/13)

Israeli PM Barak phones Pres. Clinton to discuss ways to make Secy. of State Albright's upcoming tour of the Middle East "productive." (MM 8/11; WT 8/12)

Israel's Office of the Judge Advocate General issues a legal opinion stating that 30 of the 42 settlement enclaves established since the Wye agmt. was signed in 10/98 are illegal. (MM 8/12)

Israel's Interior Min. demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in the Wallaja neighborhood of Jerusalem, sparking clash btwn. Israeli police, Palestinians in which 1 policeman is injured. (JP [Internet] 8/12)