Monday, January 11, 1999

U.S., Israel hold final round of talks on how Israel would use the $1.2 b. in special assistance to implement the Wye agmt. U.S. reportedly would disburse the money when the IDF begins the remaining FRDs ordered under Wye. (Globes [Internet] 1/11 in WNC 1/13; Hatzofe 1/28 in WNC 1/29) (see 11/22)

National security agencies, senior advisers begin to send White House recommendations on Pollard clemency. Clinton has set no deadline on when he will make a decision. 60 Senators send letter to Pres. Clinton urging him not to reduce Pollard's sentence. (NYT 1/11; NYT, WP, WT 1/12; WJW, WT 1/14; MM 1/15; New Yorker 1/18; MM 1/21)

Likud elder statesman Moshe Arens emerges fr. political retirement to challenge his protege, Netanyahu, for the party's nomination for PM. In 1982, Arens hired Netanyahu, then a furniture salesman, as his political counselor in the Israeli emb. in Washington; promoted Netanyahu's career until his election as PM in 1996. Rafael Eitan will also challenge Netanyahu within Likud. DM Mordechai is considering a run. (MM 1/11; MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/12; MEI 1/15; JP 1/22)

Several Palestinians protesting continued closure of Hebron are injured in clash with the IDF. (al-Hayat al-Jadida [Internet] 1/12)

Kuwait puts its troops on high alert following the Iraqi parliament's approval 1/10 of a statement holding Saudi Arabia, Kuwait fully responsible for the 12/98 U.S.-led attack, reserving the right to seek compensation. Iraq also considered passing a statement revoking recognition of Kuwait's borders but did not. (NYT, WP 1/12; MENA 1/14 in WNC 1/16; MM 1/18)

U.S. fires missiles at 2 Iraqi air defense installations in after radar was turned on U.S. planes in the n. no-fly zone. (NYT, WP 1/12)

New pro-secular Turkish government under Pres. Demirel, PM Ecevit takes power, will govern until 4/18 general elections. (MM 1/11; NYT, WP 1/12; MEI 1/15)