Tuesday, August 1, 2000

PM Barak announces that the U.S. plans to move its emb. to Jerusalem and "will rent offices by January 20." Spokesmen for the State Dept., White House say they have no information that Pres. Clinton has made a decision on the issue. (State Dept. press briefing, WP 8/2)

At the Vatican Secy. of State Albright consults with Vatican diplomatic chief Jean-Louis Tauran on a settlement for Jerusalem. Tauran reiterates the Vatican's long-standing position that the city should be accorded international status. (ANSA 8/1 in WNC 8/2; MM, WP, WT 8/2; ANSA 8/2 in WNC 8/3, 8/4; MM, WJW 8/3)

In New York, the family of an Israeli-American man killed in a Hamas bus bombing in Jerusalem in 1996 files a suit against Syria, claiming Damascus is liable for the man's death and the family's suffering because it provided Hamas with "material resources" by allowing the group to have offices and allegedly train militants in Syria and Lebanon. (NYT 8/2; WJW 8/10)

Jewish settlers level another 30 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Qalqilya. (LAW 8/10) (see 7/25)