Tuesday, July 11, 2000

President Clinton walks with Prime Minister Ehud Barak of Israel and Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority on the grounds of Camp David

Camp David, 11 July 2000
Credits: Photographs of the White House Photograph Office (Clinton Administration) / White House / National Archives

At Camp David, MD, Arafat, Barak, Clinton open their 3-way summit on final status issues under a media blackout. According to the State Dept., Clinton 1st holds brief 1-on-1 mtgs. with Arafat, Barak. Then the 3 men meet briefly together. Then the Israeli, PA, U.S. teams hold a short opening session. Later in the evening, Clinton holds 2 mtgs. with Arafat, 1 with Barak. (MM, CSM 7/11; White House press briefing 7/11, 7/12; XIN 7/11, Le Monde, al-Quds 7/12 in WNC 7/13; CSM, JP [Internet], MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/12; MM, WJW 7/13; MEI 7/14)

During their 1-on-1 talks, Barak informs Clinton that Israel has suspended the sale of an AWACS technology to China. (MM, NYT, WJW, WP, WT 7/13; AFP, Zhongguo Tongxun She [Hong Kong] 7/13 in WNC 7/17; Le Monde, SA 7/14 in WNC 7/18; JP 7/21)

In Nablus, and Ramallah, 100s of Palestinian refugees hold a rally to urge Arafat not to back down on the refugees' right of return at the Camp David summit. In Jerusalem, 1,500 Israelis rally to support Barak's decision to go to Camp David. (MM, NYT 7/12)

A U.S. federal judge orders Iran to pay $327 m. to the families of 2 Americans killed in a suicide bombing in Israel on 2/25/96, saying the evidence shows that fmr. Iranian officials aided Hamas in staging the attack. This is the 4th time that a U.S. judge has ordered Iran to pay damages under a 1996 act that allows American victims of terrorist acts abroad legal recourse in U.S. courts. (WP 7/12; WJW 7/13)